Saturday, January 19, 2013

Web Home Art Section

Finally I've made progress with getting the larger part of the fine art back-catalogue loaded onto the newly designed web home. Over a hundred works have been loaded into exhibition timelines and into a overall icon based search page. The remainder of works to be loaded include recent work and a selection of about another 40 works that didn't make it into the exhibitions featured on the timeline. The whole process has been shred on the facebook page as well. Once all of these have been added, I have to start work on the other four main sections that will now form part of the new portal home page. they included web, graphic, interior design and photography portfolios. Just a quick note on some of the new features on the art micro site: Every artwork is now featured on it's own page containing all the stats about the artwork, visual size approximations and all related video footage and links are placed with every artwork. In future I will be adding more details on every artwork including small video clips where I'll discuss the images. (This will make my Youtube channel look slightly better as well) As for future artwork additions, I plan to document the process behind every work as far as possible on individual artwork pages, which I think will make the site slightly more interesting than just a regular online art portfolio. Check out the new art micro site and tell me what you think!


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